The Call Box
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First Due and The Call Box
What’s in a Name?

As portrayed in our logo and brand, The Call Box was the first widely used fire alarm system, and the first real means of communication between civilians and firefighters. Developed in the 1850’s, The Call Box utilized a method similar to the telegraph, to help pinpoint and locate emergencies, and to help notify local fire departments of emergency situations. By the late 1880’s, The Call Box was installed in more than 250 cities, and has since become an image representing the enduring courage across the firefighter nation.

The term “First Due” has become synonymous with the first responder units arriving at an emergency. It has come to signify those that run towards an emergency, when so many are running away. With similar passion and work ethic, we look at every client as a top priority, and work to make sure their every need is taken care of. Our client’s are our most valuable asset, and everything we do works towards the goal of taking care of their needs.